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It is an excellent program—it is run very well.  My son attended before when the county ran the programs, and it was very good then.  If it wasn’t for programs like this, we as parents would have no place else to go for services for our kids.  It’s a vital thing…We were worried about what would happen in the transition to ARC and we couldn’t even imagine that it could get better, but it did.  I can’t give ARC enough praise.  They do a superior job.

Doug D., Parent




What I like is the way the staff relates to the students.  They really treat them all as individuals, at their age level, rather than as if all the kids were the same and had the same interests.  There are lots of great activities—this is not just babysitting.  The kids really appreciate the atmosphere now, it is brighter, cleaner, and more contemporary.  The staff has so much energy and enthusiasm.  It was good before but now the atmosphere and the activities are even better.

Anne-Marie C., Parent


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