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  • Claudia, Program Director Claudia, Program Director “The After-School Programs are like one big family. It’s so much fun to work here. I love that every day is different and I’m always learning new things.”
  • Evan, Lead Teacher Evan, Lead Teacher “I love my job!”
  • Mark, Teacher Mark, Teacher “The After-School Programs are not just for students. They are for everyone involved to become better at who they are.”
  • Edwin, Teacher Edwin, Teacher “I love working at the After-School Programs because everyday is fun, interesting, and exciting.”
  • Melissa, Teacher Melissa, Teacher “I love the After-School Programs because no two days are the same.”
  • Gaby, Teacher Gaby, Teacher “You get to have fun while working with amazing people.”
  • Oscar, Teacher Oscar, Teacher Every day is a different day at the After-School Program, new experiences and good adventures. I LOVE IT!


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