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2012-2013 Contra Costa ARC Financial Report

Revenue Chart

Expenditures Chart

After many years of "in the black" operations, even during the difficult recession years that began in 2008, and after having particularly strong financial performance in FY 2010–11 and 2011–12, Contra Costa ARC is ending fiscal year 2012–13 with an operating deficit. The deficit constitutes approximately 4.5% of our total budget, and was caused by actions beyond our control taken by the California State Legislature. The most significant impacts were caused by a law change to eligibility for our early intervention programs and a law change requiring families to utilize their health insurance policies for services previously provided by Contra Costa ARC. Our board and management team have analyzed the impact of these changes very carefully. We are taking all necessary measures to assure that the agency returns to operating "in the black" for FY 2013–14.

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